Tips for cleaning stains from wallpaper

Wallpaper at home are a beautiful and spectacular way to vary the decor. They are also colorful, stylish, but also easy to dander and unfortunately very delicate, so they are harder to clean.

See some useful tips for cleaning stains from wallpaper.
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Painting on the wallpaper

Image of fresh wallpaperIf the child has decided to paint on the wallpaper with felt-tip pens, do not rush to rub them with a wet cloth, because the ink will soak up the paper. Instead, try a microfiber cloth or sponge, scrub carefully to avoid hitting the wallpaper.

Wallpaper pastels can be cleaned with a damp sponge on which you put a little bit of soda bicarbonate. Rub very carefully so you do not break the wallpaper.

Stains on the wallpaper

If there is an oily stain on the wallpaper, make a paste of water and corn flour. Lubricate with it the stain and wait for it to dry, then clean. The other option is to try with blotting paper.

If you notice more dirty areas on the wallpaper, try cleaning them using wheat bran.

In a few weeks, pass the wallpaper with a microfiber cloth to protect it from dusting.

Spots on the wallpaper

Smaller and lighter spots on the wallpaper can be cleaned with a rubber.Image of wallpaper in a room

Fingerprints on the wallpaper can be removed with a slice of warm bread. Gluten has the ability to remove greasy stains from paper.

Talk on a bath sponge is perfect if you want to remove greasy stains from the wallpaper.


There is some tips from Essex Carpet Cleaners:

Tip – how to remove old wallpaper: in 5 litres of water, dissolve 2 cups of vinegar and smear the old wallpaper. Wait for 10 minutes and start gradually detaching.

If there is an unpleasant aroma (stagnant air or cigarette smoke) on the wallpaper, spray with a solution of water and lemon juice, or water and vinegar. The other option is to pass them with a dry rag on which you have sprinkled soda bicarbonate.

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