9 brilliant tips for plants at home

Here’s how to care for plants

We’ve all been there: we buy a sweet new flower for the home or the garden and make sure that this time will be different. But three weeks later we see the familiar view – a yellow, withering and sad plant. The return of such plants to life is not as difficult as you think. With little effort and the next tricks, you will soon have very healthy and beautiful flowers.

  1. Use a coffee grounds as a fertilizer

If you drink coffee in the morning, use the sludge to feed the plants instead of throwing it into the bucket. The coffee is acidic and increases the acidity of the soil, which protects against different pests. This is a great alternative to expensive fertilizers.

  1. Use pebbles for drainage

If you try and try but can not understand exactly how much water the plant needs, put pebbles on the surface of the soil. The pebbles protect the roots from rot, which results from a more abundant watering than is necessary. The pebbles also serve as decoration.

  1. Do not move the plants

Before you find the right place for the plants, read carefully what it needs. Whether it should be in a sunnier or darker place. Once you’ve put the plant somewhere, try not to move it anymore. Plants do not like to change their place.

  1. Use boiled water

Sometimes tap water is not particularly useful for plants. But the addition of beneficial substances to the water is not at all difficult or expensive. Just the next time you cook eggs or vegetables, do not throw away the boiling water. Let it cool down and then plant the plants with it.

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide to stop rotting the roots

There is hardly anything worse for a plant than rotting the roots. This is a common problem in indoor plants, and it happens when you polish the soil more than necessary. If you notice that the leaves of the plant for yellowing, this is probably the reason. With hydrogen peroxide, you will revive the plant very quickly, as this solution will give the oxygen it needs.

  1. Make a watering system

A rest can be detrimental to plants. Instead of relying on friends or relatives to water your plants, make a watering system. Fill a bottle of wine with water, put the hole and deep into the soil and so it will water the roots of the plant only when needed.

  1. Clean the leaves from the dust

The next time you clean the dust at home, do not forget to clean the leaves of the plants. They need them to turn sunlight into energy. In fact, they “breathe” through their leaves, and when covered with dust, it is impossible.

  1. Pour the orchid with ice cubes

The orchids have a reputation for being hard to watch, but that’s only because people polish them more than necessary. Like most plants, they do not need tons of water, but they need to be watered frequently. Put one ice cube on the orchid once a week and it will get the right amount of water.

  1. Use a suitable soil

Different plants have different needs. For example, palm trees and cacti are very different from other flowers because they grow in warm and dry places. For these plants, for example, you should take a lot of dry soil. Buy a soil that is appropriate for the particular plant type.

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