Airports in Burgas and Varna reported growth in passengers in 2016

July and August remain the strongest months for airports

Both airports are particularly popular during the summer months as opposed to Sofia Airport, which marked a growth in the carriage of passengers during the winter as ski resorts are located closer to Sofia. Growth was seen in the companies for airport transportation Varna, as well.

Two airports in Burgas and Varna reported significant growth in passengers last year in the context of one of the best seasons for sea tourism in general. In the strongest months – June, July and August, the increase is between 17 and 25 percent for both airports, and in May and September – the months before and after the most active part of the season, the increase on an annual basis is even greater.That ‘is clear from the published information on the “Fraport AG” on the results of the past 2016 The company has a 60% share in the company “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management”, which is the concessionaire of the airports in Burgas and Varna of 2006. Other partner it is the “Airport Services – Bulgaria”.

4.6 million passengers for the year

The data of “Fraport AG” show that in 2016 the two airports in Burgas and Varna were served a record 4.6 million passengers, an increase of 21.5% yoy. The distribution between the two airports was 2.88 million. People in Burgas and 1.69 mln. In Varna, as the increases are respectively 22 and 20.8 percent over the previous year. Data show that the Bulgarian airports have achieved the highest growth for the year in the group that manages more airports in Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Lima, Antalya, Xian, St. Petersburg and Hanover.

Logically, the vast majority of passengers were served during the summer. Traditionally the strongest months are July and August, during which the Burgas Airport has serviced over 1.7 million. People, and that in Varna – more than 800 thousand.

Extending the season

Information of “Fraport” show that this summer Bulgarian tourism has managed to “extend” the summer season. For example, in May, the airport in Burgas welcomed 122 thousand. People, which is more than 40% increase over the previous year. The situation is similar in Varna, where the passengers were 108 thousand, or 32.4 percent more than the previous year. September was also a strong month for both airports, when increase achieved was more than the average for the year. For example, during the month in Burgas are serviced 442 thousand people, an increase of 29.3% yoy, while in Varna – 250 thousand people, or 22.7% more than 2015. According to the information the company has still increases in April and October, when usually the first and last charter flights for the summer season.

“Fraport Twin Star Airport Management” has a contract for 35-year concession of the two airports from 2006. In November the company reported that for 10 years on the Bulgarian market have invested 350 million levs in expansion and modernization of the airports. According to the information from the company and from the airports scheduled and charter flights carry more than 70 companies.

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