What made me want to buy a house in Halkidiki?

The first time I went to Greece I was wild, young, careless and free, flying to Thessaloniki with a bunch of friends I didn’t know what to expect, but on the way back we all had something in common – we were in love with this country where the delight and pleasure are on every corner, where the soul is free and at ease, where your happiness has no boundaries and you have a feeling you can run and jump and scream and shout and simply be. The first time I went to Halkidiki, I vowed to come back and I did.What-made-me-want-to-buy-a-house-in-Halkidiki-768x512 I was more grown up then I have just met my husband-to-be. Being so in love we stayed there for two weeks and we claimed for so long that there is no place on Earth more romantic than this one – there are no sunsets more magical, no views more spectacular, no meals more tasty. The flawlessness was ideal.


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