Tips for cleaning stains from wallpaper

Wallpaper at home are a beautiful and spectacular way to vary the decor. They are also colorful, stylish, but also easy to dander and unfortunately very delicate, so they are harder to clean.

See some useful tips for cleaning stains from wallpaper.
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Painting on the wallpaper

Image of fresh wallpaperIf the child has decided to paint on the wallpaper with felt-tip pens, do not rush to rub them with a wet cloth, because the ink will soak up the paper. Instead, try a microfiber cloth or sponge, scrub carefully to avoid hitting the wallpaper.

Wallpaper pastels can be cleaned with a damp sponge on which you put a little bit of soda bicarbonate. Rub very carefully so you do not break the wallpaper.

Stains on the wallpaper

If there is an oily stain on the wallpaper, make a paste of water and corn flour. Lubricate with it the stain and wait for it to dry, then clean. The other option is to try with blotting paper.

If you notice more dirty areas on the wallpaper, try cleaning them using wheat bran.

In a few weeks, pass the wallpaper with a microfiber cloth to protect it from dusting.

Spots on the wallpaper

Smaller and lighter spots on the wallpaper can be cleaned with a rubber.Image of wallpaper in a room

Fingerprints on the wallpaper can be removed with a slice of warm bread. Gluten has the ability to remove greasy stains from paper.

Talk on a bath sponge is perfect if you want to remove greasy stains from the wallpaper.


There is some tips from Essex Carpet Cleaners:

Tip – how to remove old wallpaper: in 5 litres of water, dissolve 2 cups of vinegar and smear the old wallpaper. Wait for 10 minutes and start gradually detaching.

If there is an unpleasant aroma (stagnant air or cigarette smoke) on the wallpaper, spray with a solution of water and lemon juice, or water and vinegar. The other option is to pass them with a dry rag on which you have sprinkled soda bicarbonate.

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9 brilliant tips for plants at home

Here’s how to care for plants

We’ve all been there: we buy a sweet new flower for the home or the garden and make sure that this time will be different. But three weeks later we see the familiar view – a yellow, withering and sad plant. The return of such plants to life is not as difficult as you think. With little effort and the next tricks, you will soon have very healthy and beautiful flowers.

  1. Use a coffee grounds as a fertilizer

If you drink coffee in the morning, use the sludge to feed the plants instead of throwing it into the bucket. The coffee is acidic and increases the acidity of the soil, which protects against different pests. This is a great alternative to expensive fertilizers.

  1. Use pebbles for drainage

If you try and try but can not understand exactly how much water the plant needs, put pebbles on the surface of the soil. The pebbles protect the roots from rot, which results from a more abundant watering than is necessary. The pebbles also serve as decoration.

  1. Do not move the plants

Before you find the right place for the plants, read carefully what it needs. Whether it should be in a sunnier or darker place. Once you’ve put the plant somewhere, try not to move it anymore. Plants do not like to change their place.

  1. Use boiled water

Sometimes tap water is not particularly useful for plants. But the addition of beneficial substances to the water is not at all difficult or expensive. Just the next time you cook eggs or vegetables, do not throw away the boiling water. Let it cool down and then plant the plants with it.

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide to stop rotting the roots

There is hardly anything worse for a plant than rotting the roots. This is a common problem in indoor plants, and it happens when you polish the soil more than necessary. If you notice that the leaves of the plant for yellowing, this is probably the reason. With hydrogen peroxide, you will revive the plant very quickly, as this solution will give the oxygen it needs.

  1. Make a watering system

A rest can be detrimental to plants. Instead of relying on friends or relatives to water your plants, make a watering system. Fill a bottle of wine with water, put the hole and deep into the soil and so it will water the roots of the plant only when needed.

  1. Clean the leaves from the dust

The next time you clean the dust at home, do not forget to clean the leaves of the plants. They need them to turn sunlight into energy. In fact, they “breathe” through their leaves, and when covered with dust, it is impossible.

  1. Pour the orchid with ice cubes

The orchids have a reputation for being hard to watch, but that’s only because people polish them more than necessary. Like most plants, they do not need tons of water, but they need to be watered frequently. Put one ice cube on the orchid once a week and it will get the right amount of water.

  1. Use a suitable soil

Different plants have different needs. For example, palm trees and cacti are very different from other flowers because they grow in warm and dry places. For these plants, for example, you should take a lot of dry soil. Buy a soil that is appropriate for the particular plant type.

And do not forget your plants will feel more comfortable in a clean house so and you. Therefore is need regularly use a professional cleaning services. I am pretty satisfied from end of tenancy cleaning Greenwich agency.

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Airports in Burgas and Varna reported growth in passengers in 2016

July and August remain the strongest months for airports

Both airports are particularly popular during the summer months as opposed to Sofia Airport, which marked a growth in the carriage of passengers during the winter as ski resorts are located closer to Sofia. Growth was seen in the companies for airport transportation Varna, as well.

Two airports in Burgas and Varna reported significant growth in passengers last year in the context of one of the best seasons for sea tourism in general. In the strongest months – June, July and August, the increase is between 17 and 25 percent for both airports, and in May and September – the months before and after the most active part of the season, the increase on an annual basis is even greater.That ‘is clear from the published information on the “Fraport AG” on the results of the past 2016 The company has a 60% share in the company “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management”, which is the concessionaire of the airports in Burgas and Varna of 2006. Other partner it is the “Airport Services – Bulgaria”.

4.6 million passengers for the year

The data of “Fraport AG” show that in 2016 the two airports in Burgas and Varna were served a record 4.6 million passengers, an increase of 21.5% yoy. The distribution between the two airports was 2.88 million. People in Burgas and 1.69 mln. In Varna, as the increases are respectively 22 and 20.8 percent over the previous year. Data show that the Bulgarian airports have achieved the highest growth for the year in the group that manages more airports in Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Lima, Antalya, Xian, St. Petersburg and Hanover.

Logically, the vast majority of passengers were served during the summer. Traditionally the strongest months are July and August, during which the Burgas Airport has serviced over 1.7 million. People, and that in Varna – more than 800 thousand.

Extending the season

Information of “Fraport” show that this summer Bulgarian tourism has managed to “extend” the summer season. For example, in May, the airport in Burgas welcomed 122 thousand. People, which is more than 40% increase over the previous year. The situation is similar in Varna, where the passengers were 108 thousand, or 32.4 percent more than the previous year. September was also a strong month for both airports, when increase achieved was more than the average for the year. For example, during the month in Burgas are serviced 442 thousand people, an increase of 29.3% yoy, while in Varna – 250 thousand people, or 22.7% more than 2015. According to the information the company has still increases in April and October, when usually the first and last charter flights for the summer season.

“Fraport Twin Star Airport Management” has a contract for 35-year concession of the two airports from 2006. In November the company reported that for 10 years on the Bulgarian market have invested 350 million levs in expansion and modernization of the airports. According to the information from the company and from the airports scheduled and charter flights carry more than 70 companies.

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Drugs that help you to concentrate

It’s so easy to get distracted in the fast-paced world we live in. People get caught up with technology and its numerous gadgets from computers to tablets to smart phones. These are the common distractions in our daily lives. But when the time comes for us to focus we tend to get into a panic-stricken mode and we get more stressed due to the fact we got distracted and unable to finish the task at hand. There are many people out there that also face many health issues that effects the cognitive ability and these drugs are specially formulated to help those with these problems.

And thanks to our evolving world of science and technology we can use simple natural supplements to give our brains the boost it needs to focus.

So, what are these cognitive boosters?  And how do they work?

Psilocybin – also known as ‘magic mushrooms’, helps the mind in many ways. It frees the mind of a stressed individual and allows them to have clear thoughts and to see things from a new perspective. An individual using their nootropics will hear things better get clear vision and experience good moods. Best of all clear-thinking ability to help an individual focus better.

Qualia Nootropic-the ingredients and nutrients in the nootropic drug that not only helps the brain but it helps the entire body. It aids in to improve your memory, focus, motivation, anxiety, strength, energy and vitality. It boosts cellular energy and is all natural product.

Ritalin – this is used to help people who suffer from ADD/ADHD.

It really helps those who struggle to keep their focus as this drug gives them completer focus and they can concentrate for long periods of time.

Adderall – this is a very common drug that is used mostly by students to help them concentrate and keep their focus during their stressful years filled with their studies. Best form of a drug to help enhance their cognitive thinking and to help get clear thoughts to receive the best focus to receive the best results.

Adrafinil – this drug helps to increase the blood flow to the brain to help enhance cognitive thinking and giving and individual the best form of concentration and focus.

There are various drugs on the market that are there to help with focus and concentration but make sure you do your homework and understand the drug and the effects before taking it. As each of these cognitive enhancers effect people differently as we all are different individuals and we will each experience a different reaction.

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Want to Know More About Winter Fashion 2016?

The Upside to Winter Fashion 2016

In the wintertime, locate a jacket which has a faux fur-lined collar. The wintertime jacket is just a staple for the majority of ladies within the winter wardrobe. Here, we have some strategies as well as styles which you can to do to do away with dirt with white pants within the winter.

What Is So Fascinating About Winter Fashion 2016?

Furthermore, this practical and universal design may be matched with various accessories, fabrics, colors as well as dcor. cold-999972_640There are a lot of distinctive choices to select from! It complements the scope of bohemian chic.

There are a few fantastic styles and trends to pick from! In trend of style, fully transparent fabric becomes increasingly more popular due to its careful arrangement of patterns. Picking out the hair style which goes with the fashion of the season is a little frightening and exciting at the similar time. Additionally, we are going to be seeing more patterns in the likeness of flowers and graphic prints.

It is going to be an incredible series of dress in bare shoulders. In this manner, every simple outfit is rapidly provided a fashionable touch. That’s why such dresses in many cases are seen at parties and ceremonies.

13 Camel Coats That Will Never Go Out of Style presented by

 Camel coat is a wardrobe staple that works for just about any occasion. Brisk walk to the office? Camel coat. Casual weekend jaunt? Camel coat. Off to flash someone but it’s too cold for a trench? Camel coat, camel coat, camel coat (JK…kind of). Find your perfect style with our picks at every price point, here.
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What You Need to Do About Winter Fashion 2016 Starting in the Next 4 Minutes

Not everybody can be a dedicated follower of style but, nonetheless, most people prefer to stay abreast of ongoing trends in the style world. For a lot of exceptional events, it needs to be much nicer with the most recent fashion. This written composition will give tips and data about the most recent fashion and fashion inside this winter season.

Things You Won’t Like About Winter Fashion 2016 and Things You Will

The white undershirt too is a fashion staple in regards to layering clothing. Boots are another accessory we really like to wear during winter and have become a style statement in themselves. It is experiencing all the experiments.

The winter essentials mentioned here are incredibly reasonably priced and can really be worn through the full year as well which means you’re saving money in the very long run. Many men, specially in the winter appear to think that both of these colors go together fabulously. If you think within the saying, There is really no such thing as lousy weather, only awful clothing, then China is yours for a bargain within the minimal season.

I’m over fifty and searching for a few good summer fashions. To create a winter wardrobe that follows the present winter fashion trends you’ll want to begin with your footwear. Winter fashion doesn’t must be tricky.

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All About Gardening

The Ultimate Strategy for Gardening

As is true which has any other type of gardening, deciding on the best plants is a vital part of hydroponics.planting-780736_960_720 Gardening in little space means that you can plant in containers or maybe a modest secluded patch area. The inorganic gardening involves the usage of both organic manure and using inorganic fertilizers.

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Gardening

Organic gardening itself will help you save money on fertilizer, however if your plants desire a small extra during the growing season you are able to create your own compost tea. You are able to match your soil to the kind of plant you’ll be growing. In such cases you ought to choose plants carefully as there’s limited place.

Here is a gallery I found @ that could help you with some ideas about the decorating of your garden!

“40 Fresh New Ways to Landscape Your Yard

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Obtaining a head start on the growing season is one of the principal reasons to make your private garden greenhouse. One of many advantages of gardening in a greenhouse on a conventional garden is that you are able to hand-pick the kind of soil you’re going to make use of. Before you begin on an indoor gardening project, there are many matters that you have to do. It will be a great place for your own seedling when waiting for the best time that you could transfer it to your own garden.



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What made me want to buy a house in Halkidiki?

The first time I went to Greece I was wild, young, careless and free, flying to Thessaloniki with a bunch of friends I didn’t know what to expect, but on the way back we all had something in common – we were in love with this country where the delight and pleasure are on every corner, where the soul is free and at ease, where your happiness has no boundaries and you have a feeling you can run and jump and scream and shout and simply be. The first time I went to Halkidiki, I vowed to come back and I did.What-made-me-want-to-buy-a-house-in-Halkidiki-768x512 I was more grown up then I have just met my husband-to-be. Being so in love we stayed there for two weeks and we claimed for so long that there is no place on Earth more romantic than this one – there are no sunsets more magical, no views more spectacular, no meals more tasty. The flawlessness was ideal.